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Reach 2

Primary Academy

Year 4

The first week of the school year is spent getting to know each other, working as a team, establishing routines and designing our theme based learning environment.   Our topic this term is Exciting Egyptians and some classes have already visited the British museum to develop their knowledge and understanding of this period in history. Other trips are planned for December.

We want you to feel involved in your child’s education. If you have any concerns and would like a quick chat with us about your child, please feel free to see us in the mornings. A longer chat can be arranged after school at a mutually agreed time.

Theme this term.....

We’ve found that linking English, geography, history, science and other subjects through a theme within a 'creative curriculum' topic really inspires and enthuses pupils - click here to read our topic plans.   Please consider these themes when planning days out and visits to the library to help your child to explore the topic further.

In English this term, the pupils examine a range of Ancient Egyptian myths to identify the features of this genre.  The children will then use this knowledge to plan and write their own myths.

In maths, the children build on their knowledge of place value and are introduced to the place value of four-digit numbers, using Base 10 and money (£10, £1, 10p and 1p).  

 They practise mental addition, subtraction, multiplication and division methods using known number facts and number lines where appropriate. They work through addition and subtraction word problems, discussing the language used and writing tips for solving such problems.