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School Uniform Policy


It is our school policy that all children wear school uniform when attending school, or when participating in school-organised events outside normal school hours. We ask children to wear their shirts tucked into their skirts or trousers and to take a pride in their personal appearance. Some items of uniform can be bought from school, whilst others are easily available, at very competitive prices, at local shops including supermarkets. A complete list of the items needed for school uniform including those for Physical Education, is printed overleaf.

At Woodside we are proud of the community we have created together and the unity and common values we all hold. The children, parents and staff have formed a welcoming, highly successful and effective school, where children can thrive. 

We understand that the current cost of living is high and therefore whilst we ask that children wear the correct colour uniform to school we do not expect all items to have the school logo i.e. a plain white polo shirt and plain red jumper is acceptable. Regarding shoes we appreciate that some parents may not have the means to purchase both school shoes and trainers for PE in this scenario we will accept plain black trainers, the trainers should have a dark sole not a white sole to appear more like school shoes. 

Why is school uniform significant at Woodside?

Our policy on school uniform is based on the belief that school uniform: 

  • promotes a sense of pride in our school; 
  • helps to create a sense of community and belonging towards the school; 
  • identifies the children with the school; 
  • supports our commitment to inclusion; 
  • is practical, smart and designed with health and safety in mind; 
  • is considered good value for money by most parents; 


For health and safety reasons we do not allow children to wear jewellery. The exceptions to this rule are earring studs in pierced ears, and small objects of religious significance. Children are required to remove any items during PE lessons to prevent them from causing injury.

Hair Accessories, Make-up and Nail Varnish

Hair must be neat, tidy and of a style acceptable to the school ethos. Hair accessories must be plain in design and be plain Black, Grey Red or White in colour. Coloured nail varnish and false nails are not allowed. No false, acrylic, gel or shellac nails. No false eyelashes. Make up is not allowed for any pupils. 


For health and safety reasons we do not allow children to wear shoes with platform soles or high heels. All children are required to wear plain black shoes or boots without logos as stated in the uniform list. If boots are worn these should also be plain black.

The Role of Parents 

We believe that one of the responsibilities of parents is to ensure that their child has the correct uniform and PE kit, and that it is clean, in good repair and that the child’s name is written on all items. If a parent has difficulties for any reason with fulfilling this request they are asked to speak confidentially to a senior member of staff to discuss the issues. Parents should be assured that we will do all we can to help.

All children are expected to wear our agreed uniform each day. This fosters a feeling of belonging to our community, and helps children feel equal to each other.

  • Red sweatshirt/ cardigan/fleece (School logo available)                                                    
  • Grey or Black skirt or trousers/grey pinafore dress
  • Red and white summer dress 
  • Shirts – white /polo shirt (School logo available)
  • Black school shoes or boots – no logos, lights or gimmicks
  • Socks - black, grey or white  
  • Tights/leggings - black, grey, red or white
  • Leggings   
  • Grey or black shorts 
  • Hair clips / bands – red, white, black
  • No jewellery- except stud earrings (Taken out for P.E)
  • Religious jewellery to be worn underclothing 
  • Religious headwear – black, grey, white, red (plain) 
  • No nail polish 
  • No Wellington boots (can be worn to and from school ONLY) 

PE Kit 

  • Black shorts /leggings
  • Red  t- shirts
  • Red Jumper
  • Red Beanie ( Optional)
  • Black Trainers
  • P.E Bag

Where to buy school uniform

Woodside offers a Pre-loved Uniform bank located on both our Forest site and Bridge site.

Uniform can be purchased from all major supermarkets, with no logos being required.

Uniform with the school logo is available direct from our local supplier, Speedstitch - order online or visit in store (5 mins walk from Forest site):

Speedstitch encourage you to use the online shop where possible and to make your orders as early as possible. If you do need to visit the store opening hours are:

  • Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
  • Saturday 10am-12pm