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Reach 2

Primary Academy

Teaching team

The aim is for all pupils to leave Woodside having achieved their full potential, regardless of any specific needs they may have or their socio-economic background.  Our teaching structure delivers the capacity to ensure that all pupils will achieve this Woodside ethos.

Teachers focus on teaching within smaller groups over the school day which will helps to accelerate progress.  By tailoring learning to each pupil’s needs, we will be able to address the development needs that are specific to groups such as:

  • Pupil premium pupils
  • More able pupils
  • Pupils with results below the national average
  • Pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)
  • Pupils with progress below the national average

These groups will be regularly reviewed to ensure that each pupil receives the most out of their learning.

Newly Qualified Teachers

Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) training is integral to the learning ethos at Woodside.  Each NQT receives a personalised programme of team teaching, which consists of at least three targets to develop within the team teaching session.  Team teaching takes place weekly at the beginning of the induction process, moving to fortnightly when appropriate.

Each NQT has a mentor who they have weekly meetings with, and a year group leader to support them with any day-to-day issues they encounter.


Nursery Team 20/21

Phoebe Skeels Dragonfly

Rebecca Hilton Caterpillar


Reception Team 20/21

Jessica Talbot RW


Year 1 Team 20/21

Hafsah Bachcha 1B

Michael Habraszewski 1W


Year 2 Team 20/21


Year 3 Team 20/21

Janet Martin 3R

Andy Bolderstone 3H

Giordano Trischitta 3W

Megan Merry Wright 3C

Sarah Raven 3S

Year 4 Team 20/21


Year 5 Team 20/21


Year 6 Team 20/21

Emma Bradford 6B

Paige Sanders 6R

Olivia McDonnell 6S

Gabby Quince 6W