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School Meals

If you choose to provide your child/ren with a packed lunch, we ask that you provide them with healthy lunch options, i.e fruit, a sandwich and a yogurt.  We are a nut free school, and we encourage all parents not to provide chocolate or chocolate-based products as part of a packed lunch.




We are following WEEK 3 of our menu this week, week commencing 8th July-12th  July 2024

Woodside’s school meals provide a range of healthy options that can be enjoyed by children with all dietary requirements.  A nutritious diet will support your child’s daily learning, aiding with concentration and energy levels which will help them to develop and achieve.  All meat is halal and we also offer vegetarian options daily.

With a large salad bar and a range of exotic fruits available every day, we endeavour to offer options which will enable all children to enjoy a nourishing meal.  The meal plan rotates monthly which allows us to provide a varied selection of foods from around the world.  For a copy of the menu please visit the school office or click into the document at the bottom of this page.


The Mayor is funding universal free school meal provision in London primary schools for the 2023-24 and 2024-25 academic years. This is vital support for families facing a cost of living crisis, and will ensure that primary school children get at least one nutritious meal a day.

Food initiatives at Woodside

Menu development

We are currently working with the School Food Plan Charity and REAch2 to develop an even more enjoyable and nutritious diet for our pupils.  We also welcome parent comments, suggestions and queries regarding the menu.

Gardens and allotments

We are currently developing gardens on both school sites, where pupils will be able to grow food that will be used in their meals.  These ingredients will then be used in cooking lessons where pupils are taught how to cook their own meals.  Children will take part in the entire process from sowing the seeds, caring for the plants and watching them develop, to picking and cooking the produce.  By participating in these sessions we hope to encourage an interest in healthy eating amongst children in all year groups.  Growing fruit, vegetables and herbs at home is also a great way to encourage your children to eat a balanced diet – further information will be available at the start of the school term.

Cooking classes

As well as an after-school Cooking Club, have introduced cooking into parts of the curriculum where it can be combined with skills such as numeracy.  These fun and interactive sessions are sure to enhance the learning process.  Please speak to your class teacher for more information.

Halal options

We are pleased to say that we offer halal options every day, catering for our Muslim pupils. We will be pleased to discuss any dietary requirements or queries with parents.