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SEN offer

Special Educational Needs Information

At Woodside Primary Academy, we are committed to ensuring that all members of our school community achieve their full potential. High quality, differentiated teaching is the first step in responding to all pupils.

Pupils who require support or intervention that is additional to those normally provided as part of the differentiated curriculum, will be given special educational provision as part of the Special Educational Needs (SEN) support in the school. The change from 'School Action' and 'School Action Plus' reflects the move to a more coordinated approach as part of the school’s overall, graduated response to SEN.

For those children with complex needs who, despite SEN support, do not make progress, an Education Health Care plan may be appropriate. These plans will offer a coordinated approach to the delivery of services across education, health and care.

Woodside Primary Academy has made the following information available on the provisions in place for children with SEN:

  • How pupils with SEN are identified
  • How parents of pupils with SEN are consulted
  • How SEN pupils are supported in school
  • Woodside’s approach to teaching and learning
  • How the school adapts its provision
  • How progress for SEN pupils is measured
  • How the effectiveness of the SEN provision is assessed

Please click here to access the SEN policy which covers these points. At the bottom of this page please find the Woodside SEN report.


The Curriculum Governors receive information each year from the SENCo about the number of children on the Special Needs Register and their needs, information about 'provision mapping' and the training of members of staff, together with updates to the SEN Policy.  The minutes of each meeting are made available to all governors.  The Senior Leadership Team verify school data related to all vulnerable groups to see that needs are appropriately met.

A moderation activity is carried out at the point of transition each year to ensure receiving staff are aware of the needs of their new intake for September.

For further information concerning the report prepared by the school under section 317(5) of the Education Act 1996 (duties of governing bodies in relation to special educational needs), please follow the link:


Link to the Waltham Forest local offer:


Link to DFE's SEN code of practice: