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Reach 2

Primary Academy

Quality of Teaching, Learning, Assessment and Outcomes for Pupils Committee

At Woodside we believe that the Ofsted areas of Quality of Teaching (QoT), Learning, Assessment and Outcomes for Pupils are intrinsically linked.  Therefore, we feel that judgements about QoT need to include data on achievement to support any grades given, either for individual teachers or as a whole school.

Governors monitor our monthly QoT teaching tracking to ensure there are significant improvements on a termly basis.  The Committee also monitors the continued professional development that staff receive to enable this improvement in their teaching practices.

However, the Committee link any judgements to the rigorous data collected on a half termly basis.  Termly monitoring visits of the academies, half termly pupil progress meetings and moderation processes inform governors that the school is robust in its assessment of pupil achievement.

The academy reports all statutory data and predictions to the Committee during meetings.  Furthermore, presents achievement data for pupils from 24 months through to Year 6 on a half termly basis.  The governors track all pupil groups but particular focus is given to the outcomes for our pupil premium pupils.