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Primary Academy

Nursery offer

At Woodside Primary Academy Nursery our dedicated team of qualified childcare professionals provide care, learning and development for all children.  The setting comprises of three nurseries; Caterpillar, Bumblebee & Butterfly for children aged from two to five years old.  We provide breakfast, lunch, tea and snacks, freshly prepared each day and cooked on site by our in-house catering team.  Our broad based curriculum also supports children’s learning and development through playing and exploring, active learning, and critical/creative thinking.

Planning for Learning

  • We plan using what we see and hear the children say and do (observation!).
  • Assessment supports all adults to plan at the right curriculum level.
  • To extend the children’s learning and development, we plan from the children’s interests, termly topics, for our older children and from seasonal themes for our toddlers and babies.

How do we teach in the Early Years?

 It is important to get a balance between child initiated and adult led activities.

Adult Led Activity

  • Our younger children are given the opportunity to take part in small groups and one-to-one activities to develop their speaking and listening, social, and physical skills and knowledge
  • They explore these aspects through ‘hands on’ creative and explorative resources and themed role-play zones
  • Once the children are ready, we begin to focus more on early reading, writing, number and shape activities

Child Initiated Activities

  • Children learn from their interactions both with other children and adults in their environment
  • The classroom inside and outside (ZONES) is carefully prepared by the team to support this type of learning
  • Both inside and outside learning zones provide a wide range of challenging activities and resources, for children to develop and extend their own learning
  • Activities also  build on from what the children have learnt during the adult led focus activities​ 

Early Phonics

Letters & Sounds is the phonic scheme we use across the nursery and in the main school. The scheme’s approach to teaching Phonics enables the children to quickly learn:

  • The process of how the English letter sound system works
  • To identify rhymes and develop their speaking & listening skills
  • Orally blend and segment, first simple (cat) and then more complex words  (sheep)
  • The 44 letter sounds (phonemes) in the English language
  • To read and spell simple and then more complex words

Our classes

Bumblebee & Butterfly Nursery (for children aged 3-5 years old)

  • A comprehensive, stimulating range of free flow activities and experiences to support learning and development across the seven areas as set out in the Early years foundation stage framework
  • Children take part in one to one and small group sessions to support the development of ‘phonological awareness’ (Phase 1)
  • When children are ready they will progress through the programme at their own pace

Caterpillar Room (for children aged 2-3 years old)

  • An inviting range of free flow activities & experiences to support the transition from home to nursery environment, supporting young children develop across the three prime areas of learning as set out in the Early years foundation stage framework
  • A focus on developing and enhancing children’s personal and social skills preparing them for play and interaction when they progress into our Butterfly and Bumblebee nursery
  • All children take part in a daily rhyme time and story session in a small group or one to one with their key person daily

Toy Library

  • Woodside facilitates a Toy Library session every Wednesday morning from 9.00 AM until 11.00AM term time only.  Parents and children are welcomed by our friendly staff for a session of fun activities, both indoors and outdoors, together with snacks songs & rhyme time sessions.
  • Come along and enjoy the fun!

Reading Programme

Reading sets you free!

At Woodside there is an exciting reading programme that ensures reading is at the heart of the early years’ curriculum. It is important that all children learn to read and then move on to love to read for pleasure.

  • A daily reading session takes place for all children over the day
  • All children take home a ‘picture book’ to share with their parent/carer weekly

Learning journey

Parents are encouraged to contribute to their child’s learning.  We encourage parents to bring in photos, work samples or other things of significance to add to their child’s learning journey.

We take photos and detailed observations of the children to support our planning and assessment.

In the Nursery, parents are welcome to stay at the beginning of every session, where they are encouraged to look at their child’s learning journey together with their child and talk about their child’s learning that has been taking place.  In addition, during the week prior the child is a focus child, parents will also receive ‘The Focus Child Parents Questionnaire’ to fill in about their child’s interests, progress and their opinion to be taken into consideration when planning for the child’s needs/next steps/interests. This will also be added to the child’s learning journey.

We assess children every 6-8 weeks against the Development Matters document for the Early Years. We use these assessments to plan relevant activities and resources to support the children’s learning and development.