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Mindfulness & Wellbeing

In this section you will find exercises on Mindfulness including video's by Miss Palmer leading Mindfulness exercises. You will also find child wellbeing activities, activities you can do as a family to support wellbeing and finally support for you as parents - strategies you can put in place and where you can find additional support if needed.


For some wonderful Mindfulness exercises to do led by Miss Palmer please follow the link /page/?title=Mindfulness&pid=191


Please find below wellbeing bingo to try with your family see if you can get a full house: 


Attached you will find a document for 5 minute daily activities that you can do together as a family or independently at a time that works for you. These activities are designed to encourage mindfulness which is simply being aware of feelings, thoughts and situation.


Please follow the links below for:

Child wellbeing - /page/?title=Child+Wellbeing&pid=192

Parent Support - /page/?title=Parent+Support&pid=193