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Interactive Learning

At Woodside we believe that every moment is an opportunity for children to learn.  We further acknowledge that children spend around 50 per cent of their day at school, so we aim to ensure that their school environment is engaging and appealing.

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We are spending a substantial amount of funding on our playgrounds to enhance the outdoor learning experience for all pupils.  The academy has now taken innovative steps to provide pupils with stimulating learning environments which deliver boundless opportunities for independent learning throughout the school day.













Within our classrooms we have moved away from the model of 30 desk spaces and 30 chairs.  Furthermore, the traditional model of five groups of six pupils working at the same time on a set piece of learning has also been replaced, underpinned by our aim to enhance learning.

Our new classrooms will embrace the curriculum theme by creating a learning environment that reflects the topic being taught.  For example, when learning about World War 1 and 2, the Year 6 classrooms will become bomb shelters complete with structures to create airplane cockpits and trenches.  Pupils will then be able to write, read and investigate in real context environments.


This is the most exciting innovation the academy has implemented for many years.  Pupils have already completed some learning in a model classroom before the summer holidays.  Following on from their excited and positive reactions, we expect significant improvements in pupils learning as a result of these new learning environments.