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Reach 2

Primary Academy

Colour Mixing in Nursery

Forty children from the Nursery worked in groups with Artist-in-Residence, Elizabeth Tarr and her Apprentice, Artist Christian Griffin.   We talked through the colours of the rainbow - learning to recognise the colours around the room.  Working on a huge piece of paper, we started with yellow and made handprints onto the paper.  Red was added to make orange and we made handprints with that colour.  We continued this process through the colours of the rainbow, mixing the secondary colours.  Then we chose colours for fingertip printing - putting dots onto our paper.   We tried to cover every bit of white paper with a print.
Handprinting makes a great sound, so does finger printing, and we soon found ourselves in the rain forest (all around the table), the rain dripping down on the leaves, the animals hiding (soft finger printing), getting louder as the rain falls harder, until there is a big storm (hands banging as loud as possible on the paper) - which stops suddenly at the lifting of a hand.