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6 Months to 2-Years Provision

Welcome to Woodside Primary Academy Nursery - 6 Months to 2-Year-Old Provision

Our 6 months-2 years provision is currently full and there is a an 18-month waitlist for a place.

Our baby provision caters for children aged 6 Months to 2 Years.

Our baby provision, is registered under a separate Ofsted registration but forms part of the whole nursery.

Once a child enters the Grasshopper Room they will then automatically progress through the nursery.

The nursery has a dedicated team of experienced leaders, qualified teachers and experienced early years practitioners, who provide exceptional care, learning opportunities and personal development for all children. The nursery has an established reputation for ‘high quality’ care and education amongst our current and returning families.

The Baby Provision consists of one room called Confident Grasshoppers.

Confident Grasshopper Room Nursery Offer

We offer a wide range of provision to support the needs of all families, this provision is full day-care.

  • Full Day Care and extended wrap around day-care starting from: 8:00am and available to 6.00pm (Fees apply). Call Nursery Operations Manager John Coggin in the nursery office for more information on: 0208 509 4375 or email PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR BABY PROVISION IS CURRENTLY FULL.

Nursery Opening Hours

Open from 8am-6pm (Late fees apply) Monday-Friday. (Please see fees booklet for 50 weeks charging structure).

The nursery is closed for one week at Easter, one week at Christmas and for two weeks at the end of August.

Learning Partners

Parents are encouraged to contribute to their child’s learning from home via the interactive on-line ‘Tapestry App’. Parents are able to add videos, photographs and work samples to their child’s online learning journey.

The nursery team use the ‘Tapestry app’ to create a time map of each child’s learning journey by gathering children’s work samples through:

  • Photographs, video recordings and written observation notes of the children to support planning for each child’s next steps of learning, interests.
  • The learning journey and children’s everyday interests are used to assess each child’s progress while at Woodside. Parents can comment on what is uploaded by the staff team.

Meal Provision

We provide healthy choices for breakfast, lunch, tea-time and snacks, all freshly prepared daily and cooked on site by our in-house catering team. 

Our Curriculum for 6 Months to 2-Year-Olds

The under ‘3s’ curriculum focuses on providing experiences and teaching that develops the essential aspects of early child development. It is sequenced to ensure it prepares children for the next stage in their learning journey. It encompasses a focus on the prime areas of learning first, found in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, learning and development overviews:


  • Personal & social development
  • Physical development
  • Communication, language


  • Mathematics
  • Literacy
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive art & design

Planning for Learning and Development

At Woodside Primary Academy, we encourage each child to explore and extend their learning through a hands-on  curriculum; driven by exploratory and investigative play.

Adults support the children's learning through one to one and small group activities, both inside and in the outside environment. We also plan around children’s interests, fascinations and for babies the daily routine.

Story Time

We think it is very important to read with the children daily.  As part of the routine we have a story and singing session to develop language and comprehension, personal and social skills and a love for books.  Books are also on offer for the children to access at all times during the free flow play sessions.

Confident Grasshoppers Routine


8.00am-9.00am Breakfast time routine

9.00am-9.30am Free flow supported play & focused-play activities

9.30am-10.00am Garden open

10.00am-10.20am Snack time (light)

10.20am-11.10am Free flow supported play & care routine

11.10am – 11.20am  Key Person- Active rhyme time

11.20am – 12.00pm Lunch time

12.00pm – 2.00pm Sleep time

2.00pm – 3.20pm Free flow supported play & care routine

3.20pm – 3.30pm Tidy-up time (home habits)

3.30pm – 4.00pm Tea time

4.00pm – 5.00pm Free flow supported play & Key Person story time)

5.00pm Snack time (light)

5.00pm -5.45pm Free flow activities & Care routine

5.45pm -5.55pm Home time (Staff leave at 6pm)

(Routines are flexible)

Key Person

All children will be allocated a practitioner as a key person.

They will support with the settling and transition processes, as well as make assessments of your child while they are in Confident Grasshopper Room.  You can speak to the key person, room lead or any member of the leadership team, at any time about your child.

Tapestry Care Diary

We use the Tapestry Care Diary to let you know exactly what is happening with your child throughout the day. We will mark on there what they have been eating, nappy changes, and sleep times.  When your child starts we will send you a link to set this up.

Nappies and Wipes

Parents and carers are asked to provide an adequate amount of nappies, wipes and creams for the whole session (8-6)

Please have a chat with us about the nappies you use, e.g. disposable or re-usable, or if training to use the toilet.  Also if your child is allergic to a particular brand or has a particular wipe.

Nappy Creams

If you use a regular nappy cream, or if at any stage your child has nappy sores, please let us know.  We will discuss this with you as part of the settling in process.

Change of Clothes

During the settling process you will be given a complimentary red baby grow and also a grey bib, with the Woodside logo on it.  Please bring a labelled bag for each session, with some  changes of clothes in case they get wet, dirty or soiled.

Intimate Care

We have an Intimate Care Policy in place at the nursery and this forms part of our safeguarding procedures.  Children will always be changed in a designated safe and private area.  We will always ensure the child’s dignity and provide gentle care whilst making the process a playful experience.

Comforters and Soothers

We understand that children may have a comforter such as a blanket, teddy, toy or dummy.  These can be brought into the nursery to be used to sooth and comfort, especially at sleep time.  If they do have a particular item, please discuss this with the key person during the settling process.  Our policy is to use dummies only as comforters at key times such as sleep time. And to wean babies off using them in collaboration with parents.

To aid the development of speech and so that children don’t become reliant on them, we will encourage that they are put away and will only come out at sleep time, or times of distress, as a comfort.

Taking Shoes Off

 We will ask all the children, staff, parents/carers, in the baby room, to take off their shoes.  This is for health and hygiene reasons.

Sleep Routines

We understand that the children in our care will be adjusting to different routines and patterns of sleep.  Whilst we will have a main sleep time as part of our daily routine, we will of course adjust this to individuals while settling in, and will have a space provided for children who need to rest and sleep at other times of the day.  The individual sleep routine of your child will be discussed with you as part of the transition and settling process.

Comforters at Sleep Time

We know that to provide a safe and comfortable, home from home space for our babies, they will settle with a comforter such as a teddy, blanket, sleep bag or dummy (dummy weaning to be discussed).

As part of the transition process, we will discuss with any comforters your child usually has, and they can be brought in to the nursery to be used to aid and support sleep.

Sleep Beds

We have individual sleep beds for the babies which have a sheet and a blanket.

These are washed once per week so that they are clean and fresh.  We will also change them if they get wet or soiled for any reason.

Dietary Needs

During the admission process we will ask you to provide details of any allergies or intolerances to food, as well as any particular dietary needs such as Vegetarian. All food provided at the nursery is Halal and is also Nut-Free.

We are a Nut-Free school.

Daily food orders will be adjusted according to the individual dietary needs of the children and staff will be made aware of this.  Posters will be displayed highlighting this to practitioners working with the children.

Food Preparation and Storage


We are unable to store food or warm food up on site. Food will be provided by the school caterers on site and adjusted to suit the needs of our babies.


We are able to store bottles for feeding, however we are not able to sterilise.  The correct amount of prepared bottles MUST be provided for the session attended and given to the key person on the day.