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Reach 2

Primary Academy

11 b4 11 - TRY5 Initiative

Woodside Primary Academy is passionate about providing pupils with opportunities beyond the ordinary which will inspire them to move forward in their own life adventure.


What is TRY 5?

REAch2 have developed an initiative called TRY5 to empower children to take the driving seat in their own lives. TRY5 is designed to take children beyond the usual school experiences to deliver a range of memorable events that surprise and delight the child; both realising and releasing their potential in a wide range of contexts. TRY5 aims to ensure that the touchstone of enjoyment is central to all children’s learning as they progress through REAch2s’ family of schools. 


Year 6

Visit a Foreign Country: Trip to France - Paris

For many children this adventure may be the first time they have left the country, and will almost certainly be the first time they have travelled to another country without their family.

This adventure will open the world to children, and as they explore another country, using the language they have learnt and find their way around, developing their courage to face the world whilst their confidence within it grows.

Visiting a foreign country will also support children in building their cultural sensitivity and an awareness of difference between individuals. Their view of the world is further enhanced and their understanding will be developed.


10 Good Deeds in 10 Days

As part of fundraising towards the exciting France trip we would like all Year 6 children to undertake the challenge of 10 good deeds in 10 days.

Children will devise their own 10 good deeds in class and will need to convince people in the community that they can complete their devised deeds in the 10 day period.

In return, children will ask to be sponsored for completing these deeds.  The deeds devised can be carried out and completed in school or in the wider community. Children are only allowed to complete 1 good deed a day over the 10 day period.

This experience is all about children engaging responsibly with their local community to make a positive contribution. It also enables children to generate a sense of responsibility and ownership whilst supporting them to develop clear communication and organisational skills.


Year 4

Ride a large animal

As part of our ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ topic from the Spring Term we took all Year 4 pupils on an incredible day trip to Aldersbrook Horse Riding School and Stables. 

The experience consisted of a 30 minute introduction to horse stables and care, 30 minutes of horse riding, 30 minutes in which the children were taught how to groom and care for the horses and 30 minutes of being a stable hand by mucking out the stables. 

By the end of the experience  children had grown a respect for animals and how to treat them. They had been encouraged to try something new which enhanced children's confidence and they had developed a sense of responsibility by learning to pack away equipment, clean down the animal and act safely around the animal.


Year 3

Fun on the River

As a part of our 'Under the Sea' topic for Summer term we aim to take children on an experience that will challenge their sense of adventure. Children will be motivated to feel the exhilaration of paddling their own kayak and making their own rafts whilst on the river.

Children will benefit from the teamwork involved in rising to the challenge of making rafts to paddle as a team.

Their courage will be challenged as they enter the water in canoes or kayaks and in conquering their fears, we hope they will leave feeling triumphant. 


Year 2

Lion King Theatre experience

This experience allows children to go into the City of London and see a well-known theatre production. Children get to be a part of an audience with other members of the public. By providing this experience to children it broadens children’s perception outside their local community.