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Viking Day January 2020

Year 4 had the opportunity to travel back in time for a full-day Viking workshop. Olaf, who was our visiting Viking, set foot on Woodside soil and told us his story. The children listened, enthralled, to an authentic saga, which told of how the Viking world began. They sampled a range of artefacts, and even got the opportunity to join the Viking army, where they were given armour to wear and a sword to wield. They re-enacted setting sail across the freezing North Sea in a longboat, battling the elements, sailing towards Britain. The activities culminated in an epic battle between the Anglo-Saxons and the fearsome Viking raiders. During this, the children were taught how to hold a shield in a traditional shield formation and defend themselves against the spear-wielding invaders. All this they did with great gusto!

“My favourite part was the battle,” agreed a year 4 child. “We had to use foam spears and Olaf told us how to throw them through the Anglo-Saxon shields.”

A great day was had by pupils and staff alike. The Vikings certainly had a few eager recruits after this fantastic experience!