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LM - Leadership and Management Committee

Terms of Reference:

Leader in Me, Family Engagement, Community Engagement (including Woodside Parent & Community Group)

  • To monitor relevant sections of the SDP



  • To oversee the school finances ensuring that the school operates within financial regulations, responding to any issues highlighted by audit.
  • Determine and review financial policy statements including lettings, expenses for governors and compliance with the financial management standard
  • Agreement of the first school budget of financial year (Quorum for this decision = 4)
  • Analyse Pupil Premium spending


Fundraising/Whole School Events

  • To oversee 2019/2020 fundraising program
  • To help develop 2020/2021 fundraising program


Pupils on Role/Public Relations Strategy

  • Monitor the pupil numbers and the impact on the budget
  • To oversee and help develop public relations strategy


Attendance Targets & Persistent Absence

  • Monitor attendance targets
  • Receive attendance information relating to particular groups of pupils


Premises and Health and Safety

  • To develop a 3 year plan for premises work and budget for this accordingly
  • To monitor Health and Safety of both school sites (via reports and link governor visits) and ensure any recommendations have been responded to


Staffing, Performance Management, Recruitment & Retention  

  • Undertake the annual review of the staffing structure
  • Monitor and review annually performance management procedures


Review of External/REAch2 Audits/Reports

  • Review all health and safety, financial and safeguarding reports
  • Review annual TATS (Team Around The School) report