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Family Cooking

Please see below PDF's available to download of the recipes cooked during our family cooking sessions. We hope that you enjoy trying them at home with your family.

Family Cooking, 17th March 2020

To celebrate St Patrick's day pupils and parents enjoyed making Soda Bread with a cucumber dip. The recipe below is quick and easy to make.  If you would like to make the infused version, please add chopped olives to he dry mix.

Session Feedback

  • I thought it was very fun and joyful and enjoyed it very much -  Austin and Lea
  • It was fun and yummy. It was a worthwhile session, easy cooking that can be repeated easily - Nina and Bev
  • I thought the experience was amazing but the bread was even better. At first I had never heard of Soda Bread and now I know how to make it - Colby and Kate
  • Brilliant session - all the children enjoyed it and learned about baking - it was even better than TV - Anna and Leo
  • Great Session - Thank you - Milly and Benjamin