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EE - Educational Experiences

Terms of Reference:


  • Monitor safeguarding practices and ensure the academy is legally compliant in its processes
  • Monitor the academy’s Single Central Register


Quality of Teaching

  • Receive Quality of teaching updates
  • Observe and review teaching/learning in the academy



  • To monitor achievement of all pupils
  • To monitor progress of all end of Key Stage Predictions



  • To monitor the new creative curriculum approach and the impact of Art specialist


Enrichment Experiences

  • To monitor and review educational experiences outside of school
  • To review Enrichment Centre opportunities
  • To review Friday afternoon enrichment lessons


Pupil voice/parent voice

  • To support in developing  parent voice strategy
  • To review pupil voice and monitor impact proposed changes



  • Undertake the annual review of the staffing structure
  • Implement the necessary procedures in relation to staffing issues such as staff conduct, disciplinary letters and redundancy situations.



  • To monitor EYFS provision for 2 – 5’s



  • To monitor progress and provision for SEND pupils