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Reach 2

Primary Academy

2W (Willow)

We are 2W and we can be found on Forest Site!


Our teacher is Miss Dur and our LSAs are Mrs Jordan and Mr John!


We have started a very exciting journey in Year 2 learning lots of new things. We are building on our skills such as reading, writing and maths. In reading we are exploring different genres and developing reading with pace and fluency.  In literacy we are excited to learn new writing skills to make our writing more exciting. In maths we are looking forward to develop our knowledge on the four operations. 


As a class, we are excited to explore the Great Fire of London, The Plague and Guy Fawkes Night in History. In Science we are inquisitive about living things and the forces around us. In Geography we are looking forward to mapping out continents and the oceans and their features. We look forward to all the other exciting lessons where we will have the opportunity to explore, investigate and question.


We are a class of kind and friendly children who make the right choices in the classroom and playground. We enjoy helping each other to learn and synergise during our school day. We understand that sometimes it can get a bit challenging but we have agreed to be resilient in order to achieve our goals. We follow the 7 Habits and our 7 Life Values to become independent and caring individuals. In our class we have great leaders to helps us during our school day; Marvellous Mathematicians, Fruit Leaders, Dance Leader and more!